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vor 10 Monaten

PIM vs ERP: What is the Difference

Rahul Singh · Product managers need to orchestrate the development of the product roadmap and go-to-market strategies to exploit these opportunities. This means that your product data, in addition to being well maintained, needs maximum integration across the entire value chain. After all, bus ...

vor 1 Jahr

The Importance of a Powerful Data Management Strategy in Organization

Rahul Singh · Nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. This means, that by the time you read this, some 240 billion bytes of data would be created from myriad computers around the world. It includes anything from enterprise data centers to public cloud providers, blogs to ...

vor 1 Jahr

5 Capabilities That Can Lead You to a Path of Perfection in Your PIM Strategy

Rahul Singh · When marketers at a midsize apparel brand incorporated necessary product information (size and material) within its ecommerce portal but failed to integrate informational hooks such as rich product visuals and product reviews, their initial excitement of expanding to new geograph ...

vor 1 Jahr

Open Source Product Information Tech Creates a Level Playing Field Between Small Businesses and Large Enterprises

Rahul Singh · Open-source PIM software offers multitudes of other benefits, which goes a long way in helping businesses build richer customer experiences. · Today’s customers are nothing like what they used to be a decade back. They check out a product on the web, ask for competitor recommenda ...

vor 1 Jahr

How a PIM Platform Can Solve Next-Gen Customer Experience Challenges in Digital Commerce

Rahul Singh · A decade ago, an organization could have just created an online store, displayed its catalogue on the website, and that would have been enough to maintain a digital presence and attract customers. A couple of years back, having a mobile persona or application was a must-have to k ...

vor 1 Jahr

4 Principles of a World-Class Product Information Management Strategy

Rahul Singh · The importance of customer satisfaction is undeniable. Product managers continuously work toward improving customer satisfaction, especially in the digital e-commerce landscape. And to do so, they are often faced with fundamental questions that customer strategy teams have been t ...

vor 1 Jahr

How Product Information Management (PIM) Can Boost Sales for Retailers During This Holiday Season?

Rahul Singh · Retailers have realized that the new currency in retail is convenience, which in turn hails from seamless customer experiences to deliver utmost satisfaction to their customers—more so in the holiday season. · As the festive season approaches, retailers are starting to stare at a ...

vor 2 Jahren

Pimcore Endorsed by Opensource.com as an Open-Source Alternative for PIM

Rahul Singh · Red Hat powered leading online publication on Opensource.com acknowledges Pimcore product information management (PIM) as a plausible choice over its proprietary counterpart in an article authored by Pimcore’s CEO Dietmar Rietsch. · Opensource.com Endorses Pimcore PIM · The arti ...

vor 2 Jahren

5 Signs Your Enterprise Needs a Robust PIM Platform

Rahul Singh · Today, accurate and consistent product data drives sales and generates revenue. It also adds value to customer experience and plays an essential role in the final purchase decision of the customer. A good product with poorly distributed information about its features, configurati ...

vor 2 Jahren

What Is Product Experience Management (PxM) and Why Should It Matter to Your Business?

Rahul Singh · To answer this, here’s a direct question: are your product content and digital assets optimized in line with your customer experience? In other words, do you think you’re doing well on the product experience front? Yes, no, maybe? Well, let’s dig a bit deeper. · We hope you’re aw ...

vor 3 Jahren

Top 3 Benefits of a Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

Rahul Singh · Product Information Management is rapidly becoming a growing challenge for businesses.  Bringing a product to market smoothly becomes difficult when the product itself contains narrowly defined attributes, detailed descriptions, pictures, and is extremely media rich.  This conten ...

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